• Office Complexes
• K-12 Schools
• Higher Education
• Parks & Recreation
• Hotels, Condos & Timeshares
• Resorts & Marinas

• Beachfronts & Boardwalks
• Construction Sites
• Stadiums & Colleges
• Conference Rooms
• Banquet Halls & Event Space
• Retail Centers
• Airports and more….


Wireless and Wired Networks

The WiFi market is growing rapidly as businesses discover the productivity benefits of going wire-free and customer expectations for instant access. The mobility of WiFi networks has proven to be beneficial in operations throughout manufacturing and warehouses facilities, transportation hubs, hotels, airports, hospitals, colleges, convention halls and more.

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Consulting and Engineering

Network design and engineering deployment of a WiFi network requires careful planning to determine goals, objectives and requirements. Once evaluated, a site survey is completed to determine sources of interference and best overall coverage as WiFi networks can be tricky to implement due to high interference and high-density areas and be incompatible with existing equipment.

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Service & Satisfaction

Our trained, certified network engineers will customize a specific design just for your installation and within your budget. We offer a WiFi guarantee, overnight replacement and support, remotely and onsite. See what are satisfied clients have to say.

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We Provide WiFi Analytics for Your Business. Want to Know Where Your Foot Fall Is? Want To Monetize Your WiFi Installation?

We Offer WiFi To Core Networking. Point To Point, Wireless Point To Point, Indoor/Outdoor WiFi, Routing & Switching, Hot Spots, RF Engineering, Guest Access, Consulting.

WiFi Is No Longer A Luxury … It IS A Necessity! It Is Expected Just As The Lights Turn On In The Home. Are You Ready?!

WiFi is no longer a luxury. It is a basic necessity to be competitive.

MADGIG NETWORKS specializes in all facets of WiFi infrastructures including, but not limited to, indoor and outdoor access points, point-to-point or multi-point, wireless bridges, WiFi Controllers, Hotspots with or without paid access for various size businesses within all types of industries. Contact Us now to get started!