Boca Raton Preparatory School Gets WiFi Overhaul

The prestigious Grandview Preparatory School for Kindergarten through Grade 12 is located in Boca Raton, FL and hired MADGIG.COM Networks also based in Boca Raton, FL to improve the WiFi on campus. The school’s technology requirement for students in grades 6-12 must have Wi-Fi ready laptops or netbooks for ongoing research, collaboration and communication.  Therefore, it is imperative that these classrooms are equipped to handle the capacity at any given time of numerous students to avoid disruption. MADGIG.COM Networks designed the network infrastructure for best placement based on the school’s needs and uses commercial-grade access points and controllers to ensure a rock-solid WiFi network. The school administration recognized that this type of deployment is a necessary financial investment, which in turn is an investment in their students’ future. Joseph Voldeck, Owner and CEO of  MADGIG.COM says. “Most educational facilities will require a professional WiFi engineer to implement this network. If they don’t have one in place or is in need of an upgrade then the time has come to do so since technology and devices have changed dramatically and will continue to change.” With that said, the Education industry as a whole can not take the chance of being left behind. Parents pay a premium for their child’s education and expect their school to be up to speed with technology. For a WiFi consultation for your  school campus contact Joseph Voldeck at 855.806.6711.

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