Dorchester South Beach Gets Better WiFi for Art Basel Event

The Dorchester South Beach was in need of a WiFi upgrade and there was no better time to upgrade this amenity for guests than for Art Basel. This cultural event that draws many thousands of art enthusiasts from all over the world is a huge draw for Miami and famed South Beach. For weeks, hotels and restaurants ramp up customer service and plan for full occupancy which brings demanding customers and hopefully repeat business. With this need in mind, Steven Mandell, owner of The Dorchester, searched for a company that could handle the task of a WiFi upgrade at a price that was easy on the pocket for a boutique-style hotel and within a given time constraint of the popular Art Basel December event. The company that fit the bill to handle the challenge was MADGIG.COM Networks based in Boca Raton, FL. MADGIG specializes in all facets of WiFi infrastructures including, but not limited to, indoor and outdoor access points, point-to-point or multi-point, wireless bridges and controllers for various size businesses within all types of industries. Joseph Voldeck, owner of Madgig worked with Steven and his team to ensure a custom installation for the best possible guest experience. “It is important to design a plan and use the right commercial equipment to handle the capacity of so many guests at one time so the network doesn’t choke. Otherwise, your good intention ends up being a bad investment.” The event went smoothly and now that the dust has settled, Dorchester’s sister hotel, Marseilles Miami Beach, should be the next lucky one to get a WiFi upgrade.

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