Penthouse Highlands

Congratulations on your successful installation of building-wide Wi-Fi at Penthouse Highlands.

This allows us to offer a much-desired amenity to our residents, visitors, and guests at a very low on-going cost per unit.

Your installation team led by Mark was excellent in every respect. Most of all it want to thank you for your dedication to ensuring that our installation met with success. Due to the construction of our building, when the initial install left some areas with low signal strength, you worked hard at, and even more importantly, succeeded in revising our network of access points to ensure that all units received a strong signal.

Lastly, we have 82 units and therefore 82 unit owners to satisfy. I am grateful for your willingness to work with individual unit owners to try to achieve 100% satisfaction. All the best in your future endeavors.

Jim Ford
Vice President Board of Directors
Penthouse Highlands